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After meeting in the early 2000’s Roy and I made an immediate bond around our love of sports and over time started participating in charitable events as a way to give back to the community in which we lived and to support important causes that we were fond of for personal reasons.

Back in 2010 after running and cycling for many years, we decided to work on our dream of designing our own apparel. We had spent thousands of dollars on athletic apparel but could never find anything in “Purple”.

Why “Purple” you ask?

There are a few reasons why the color “Purple” means so much to Roy and I. Here is why we chose “Purple” for our company name. Purple represents many causes which have impacted our lives over the years now or prior to us starting our lives together. We have been impacted individually or our family and friends have been impacted in some way by the following causes;

Pancreatic Cancer, Domestic Violence, Crohn’s Disease,
Thyroid Cancer, ADD, Animal Abuse, and Alzheimer’s disease

When we run, cycle or participate in any events, we think of those affected and impacted by these causes and we participate with those people on our minds and in our hearts. Thus “Purple Crank” was created. We started working on designs initially in 2010 and in 2017, started spending more time on designs and developing our company as part of our retirement plan. Our hope in the future is to grow and sponsor local community events supporting the causes that are special to us.

Live, Laugh, Love, Run, and Ride. ♥
Crank it up!

Roy and Darlene Pittman

Darlene Pittman – Co-Founder & CFO

I am a South Carolina native and UNC-A Graduate. I now live in Florida where I along with Roy am pursuing my dreams of entrepreneurship in the sports apparel industry.  

As Co-Founder of Purple Crank Sports, my hope is to contribute to the community and sponsor charitable events and bring more recognition to the meaning of Purple and the numerous charitable organizations it represents.


All the rides I participate in have a special place in my heart but one of my all-time favorites was the Livestrong Challenge in Austin, TX in 2010.  This ride held significant meaning for me since I lost my father to liver cancer 4 months prior.  I rode in his memory and his illness is what drives me to participate in any and all events possible.  We must continue to bring awareness to these causes and help find a cure.  This is my way to give back.

My Madone 9.2 Di2 – Pinky

Roy Pittman – Co-Founder & CFO

I am a North Carolina native and East Carolina University Graduate.  I now live in Florida where I am pursuing my dreams of entrepreneurship in the sports apparel industry.  

I Co-Founded Purple Crank Sports in an effort to bring the color purple into the sports arena of cycling, triathlon’s and other multisport events.  I want to share the meaning of Purple and the numerous charitable organizations it represents.


My Favorite Ride is the MS 150 ride from Houston, TX to Austin, TX. This is a 2-day event held annually in April and is the largest MS Ride each year. The ride raises money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.  I have participated in this ride over 6 times and it is a great experience.


My Trek Madone SLR 7 Disc – BLUE


At Purple Crank Sports Apparel, we hold ourselves to higher standards of quality, service and community. We strive to provide quality products and are passionate about meeting our customer needs and requests.

We are involved in the community and participate in local events so we can hear directly from the people we serve. We want every customer we interact with to be treated like a guest in our home and leave wanting to share their exploration and purchasing experience with others.

In short, Purple Crank Sports Apparel is dedicated to others. We have a vision to impact others in a positive manner and it’s our belief we should serve our communities by giving back. We are looking forward to sponsoring events and work with local charities to educate others on a healthy lifestyle through running and cycling.


  1. Develop a Team of People who care about their local communities
  2. Help raise awareness to charitable organizations
  3. Help raise money for these charitable causes
  4. Inspire others to live healthy whole-hearted lives
  5. Offer customization to cycling apparel to customers

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