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Bicycling Safety

Did you know that 857 bicyclists were killed in traffic during 2018 in the United States? Most of these crashes which occur between cyclist and vehicle can be avoided with a few safety steps by both the cyclist and the drivers on the road.
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Both parties should learn the rules of the road and the signaling options to help avoid dangerous incidents. Some of the safety tips are to simply be more aware while using the roadways and highways we all travel on.

More and more cities are encouraging bike sharing initiatives and some people are opting to commute to work via bicycles as more cities incorporate greenways and pedestrian paths.

List of safety items:

Bike Fit – Visit a local bike shop to be measured so you are fitted properly on your bike. If you are not fitted to the proper size bike you might fall or have a higher risk of an accident. Not being properly fitted can also cause unwanted stress and injury to your body.

Helmet – Make sure you get the right size helmet as the correct fit can make a difference in a crash or fall from the bicycle.

Lights – You want to have lights on both the front and back of your bicycle and preferably a light that has the ability to flash.

Clothing – Incorporate high visibility colors into the cycling apparel you wear, this will allow drives and other cyclist to see you from a greater distance. Plan to have some comfortable cycling shorts if you have an aerodynamic seat or carbon seat. Most casual cycling shorts now come with or have an option for a removable chamois.

Hydration Equipment – Bottle Cages and Water Bottles Tire Equipment – Portable Pump or Co2 Cartridge’s, spare tubes if needed.

Pre-Ride Checklist – before heading out on a ride you always want to check the following items:
Air pressure in tires Brakes are working mechanically
Water Bottles

Stay Safe and Enjoy the Ride, we hope to see you on the road.

Team Purple Crank

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